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Effective Method to Handle HTTP 404 Errors

Http 404 error occurs when the webserver can’t provide the requested resource to the browser. The requested resource may have expired, or has been removed from that location. When a user sees this error, they get frustrated and leave the website.

HTTP 404 Error diminishes the SEO performance of a website. Search engines rank them low on the search results pages. In this article, we will tell you ways how you can deal with this error code.

The simple and highly efficient way to solve the problem is to redirect WordPress pages. You can use the WP 301 Redirects plugin to automate redirection tasks. So, if a person is going to land on an expired page, then he is redirected to another page that he actually wanted to see.

Reasons behind a 404 Error

There can be various reasons why a user sees a 404 error. It can be a problem at the server level or typo mistake at the user end. In most cases, this error result is due to the mistake on the part of the user. It can be due to a misspelled URL. So, if a user is seeing this error, then he should double-check the URL that he had entered.

The second reason could be that the requested resource has been either deleted or shifted to any other location. The page used to be at that location, but now it doesn’t exist there. In such a scenario, you can perform a few troubleshooting strategies to deal with this situation.

Use Redirects

There are redirect plugins available that help you implement this objective. WP 301 Redirect plugin is an efficient and proven tool to handle 404 errors. It checks all the pages that need redirects. You can use this technique for all pages that have been moved but not redirected to a relevant page.

Add a Search Bar

Another way to deal with a 404 page is to add a search page to this page. The addition of a search bar enables the viewer to navigate the website, until they find anything important to them.

Use the Google Webmasters Tool

The Google Webmasters Tool can help you see elaborately detailed analytics of the page on which the user landed and bounced. The reason for bouncing can be due to no resources at that link.

In “The Webmasters Tool”, you will see the “Crawl errors” menu. This menu provides you a detailed listing of webpages that could not be accessed by the crawlers.


HTTP 404 error code is an inescapable aspect of the internet. The best method to take care of this problem is to make good redirects. The above mentioned strategies will help you tackle 4040 HTTP error code effectively, and preserve your website traffic.

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