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How to write SEO friendly content for websites?

There are dozens and dozens of blogs uploaded every single day! But the question is, are these content fulfilling the audience pain points? Most of them would agree with ‘No’! This could result in lower rankings on Search engines! So, how to bring in an SEO friendly content? This article gives you 4 simple proven steps to rank your blog higher!

  • Writing a Lengthy form of Content

Google loves Content. Especially, long-form of Contents! Therefore, writing a blog article with more than 1800 words can help you with getting ranked higher! Though people think, writing Lengthy pages of content can be boring, the truth is writing an interesting long-form content with images, statistics, real-time time examples will make your audience to stay!

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

There are blogs which just have stuffed keywords rather than information. Such contents will definitely be penalized by Google. Anyhow, you should make use of keywords which aptly fit in.

Furthermore, using Long Tail Keywords will make your content healthier. The reason is your content has more possibilities of click rate on search engines with the usage of Long Tail Keywords! Ensure you use them.

  • Make sure you have internal links in your article

To make your article more SEO friendly, it is imperative to make use of internal links to your other well-performing blogs on your website. This can not only make your site robust but also help you with lower your bounce rate as well!

  • Give importance to readability

Your blog should be easily readable. There are free tools such as Hemingway Editor, Grammarly, etc. available to check them. Easily readable content can be engaging your customers instantly and would result in a great number of shares in all the social media platforms. This could, in turn, increase the traffic onto your blog.

Summing Up

Writing great content can help one with generating traffic and lead conversions. Hope these 4 simple steps to writing an SEO friendly content was helpful.