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How to convert NEF photo to JPG photo in your PC?


You may have heard about different types of image forms such as NEF, PNG, TIF, JPG, and many more. But, do you know what do these abbreviated terms actually mean? These terms are basically the format in which the image or photograph is saved in particular devices such as mobile phone (smartphone), digital camera, laptop, computer, iPad, etc.

There are several formats through which the image can be saved, but first of all, do you know what do these formats mean?

What is a NEF file format?

NEF is the abbreviated form that stands for “Nikon Electronic Format.” The NEF photo is exclusively for the Nikon cameras. NEF is the RAW file format, also known as “digital negatives” which has all the information regarding the image captured by the sensor of the camera.

It also includes the metadata of captured image such as the lens used, the identification of the camera, and its settings and some other information. The RAW captured photo by Nikon digital camera is a NEF extension, which implies that the information or the data of the image is saved in the exact manner as it was captured by the sensor of the camera, and is uncompressed in size.

What is JPG (JPEG) file format?

JPG or JPEG are quite similar to each other and are quite commonly and widely used for image format which can be used and opened in mostly any image program. JPEG is the abbreviated form of “Joint Photographic Expert Group” and is a very popular image file format and locally used by digital cameras in the storage of photos as it supports nearly 16 million possible colors. 

The steps to convert NEF photos to JPG photos

You can either convert the NEF photos into JPG photos in PC, or you can even use nef to jpg converter to convert the images’.

Follow the steps given below if you want to convert NEF to JPG files in your computer.

  • First, in any browser, open the folder which contains NEF images that you want to convert.
  • After opening the folder with NEF images, now select the images that you want to convert into a JPG format. You can select multiple images by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the NEF images simultaneously.
  • Now, open the file menu and click on the “save” option.
  • Then, the processing queue dialogue box appears, click and confirm the destination folder to which the converted JPG image will go. Confirm the nomenclature of images that are converted to JPG.
  • Click on the JPG pulldown menu from the select file format and confirm the quality settings as per your requirements and at last, click on the “start” option.
  • The dialogue box will display “processing “in the “current task” text when the process of NEF to JOG takes place.
  • “Current task” dialogue box displays a done option when the conversion is finished. Now, close the processing queue dialogue box.
  • Open the destination folder and check the file that has the converted JPG images saved in the specified folder.