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Small Business Options You Need Now Through SEO

Google My Business is not the only place where you can share your name and address data with the worldwide web. There are a huge number of company portals where you can create an account for free. And while these online business listings do not provide the best links, they do ensure that you are mentioned in more places. With the seo for small business this is the best deals now.

This gives a strong signal to Google that you are a company and what your name and address details are. As a result, online business listings ensure better findability.

And who knows, maybe it also provides some extra traffic.

Here are a few places where you can create a company profile for free:

  • The telephone directory
  • Places
  • Yelp

Also don’t forget to create a company profile on different social media channels. Make sure you have company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Ensure a good website

A website is the digital location of your company, intended for new and existing customers. He clearly shows who you are and what you do. The site also shows your added value: the reason why you are better than the competitor.

Some entrepreneurs choose to roll up their sleeves themselves, others use a web agency to build a website. What you choose depends on how handy you are with design and technology.

There are many options nowadays to put something together yourself, but experience shows that an experienced web builder saves a lot of time and energy. It is indeed an investment, but hey: you are not going to build your own office building, are you?

And while the web builder is working on your new website, you can focus on things that you are really good at: doing business.

Moreover, a fast website is an absolute must to be easy to find.

Experienced web builders are not afraid of some technical changes to improve the loading speed. In addition, the chance is smaller than your website collapses like a house of cards during the process.

Create content

Okay, the website is, you have created a GMB and an x ​​number of company profiles. Now you can be found, right?

  • Nope. Too bad, peanut butter.
  • The basis is, but the real work is only just beginning: you have to show others who you are, what you do and why you are the best. How do you do that? Well, the same as in the offline world: you tell it.
  • But not everyone is a writer.

Fortunately there are plenty of other options. Do you like to stand in front of a camera? Then make animated explainer videos. Are you very strong graphically? Have fun with visual presentations and infographics. As long as you add value to your target group, you’re in the right place.