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The Benefits that are Offered by the Keylogger

The Keylogger is the software that monitors the activities that are conducted over the device by its user. The activities occurring over PC can be recorded by anyone through the Keylogger. This recording can be done by someone on a personal level to keep an eye on someone, a hacker to steal information, or by any authority to keep a check on cybercrimes. The good Keylogger is the one that stays undetected and does not send any popup messages and runs independently of all the other programs.

The Keylogger is used to keep a check on which websites have been visited by the users, the chats on the social networking websites, emails that have been received and sent, and even the passwords are exposed. All these details are recorded in a log and also the screen captures of what was going over the PC and is sent through mail so that it can be reviewed timely. The best part about the Keylogger is that one does not need direct access to the device one wants to monitor. Once the Keylogger is installed one does not even need to revisit the computer for a long time as the Keylogger works undetected.

Here are certain benefits that one will avail if one knows how to install a Keylogger:

Keeping a check on children

The Keylogger can be used to keep a check on their children. In today’s era mostly both the parents are working and the children are usually left alone at their place. They can indulge in activities that are unsafe for them or harm them so the Keylogger can be used to keep a check on children. The Keylogger can monitor all the activities that are done by your child and can report them back to you and one can keep a check whether the child is safe or not.

Monitoring activities of someone specific

Other than children sometimes a person may need to monitor the activities of someone specific. It can be some friend, partner, or colleague whose activities look fishy. The Keylogger can work without being noticed and can help one in knowing the activities the other one is performing. One can also know if their partner is cheating. This might be called stalking as well and one should do it in limits as going beyond the limit can lead to cybercrime as well.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is done by experts to perform the assessments. It is an authorized attempt done by someone to gain unauthorized access to someone’s computer, data, or application. The Keylogger can help such hackers. Usually, ethical hacking is done to keep a check on cybercrimes.

Keep a constant check to avoid cybercrimes by law enforcement agencies

There are government agencies that regulate crimes taking place over the internet. For this, they need to keep a check on the activities of the users. They have to see that no frauds take place. They are meant for the regulation of safety among the system.

Hence, all these are the benefits of the Keylogger which depicts that it can be used positively as well.

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