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In the Field of Laptops, Which Products Are Worth Recommending

The market for laptops always brings surprises to people. The innovation of science and technology continue to progress. It has enabled more producers to make efforts on the PC side. They have created many practical and novel laptops.

This is true for HONOR Laptops. The recently released MagicBook uses an all-metal body and colorful color matching. This makes the color value of the whole machine high. The fuselage is made of light and thin metal. The surface of the fuselage is frosted. It makes it smoother. This will hardly leave fingerprint marks during use.

MagicBook design style reflects the mainstream concise route. There are not many logo and logos left on the fuselage. It is simple and generous and suitable for business people.

The combination of simple design and all-metal body with excellent workmanship gives it a unique sense of quality. Consumers desire to buy it.

The three colors of this machine are very bright. It includes Glacier Silver, Starry Sky Grey and Nebula Purple. The Nebula Purple is attractive. If you want to buy a laptop with different appearance, Nebula Purple can attract the attention.

The thickest part of this PC is 15.8 mm, weighs 1.47 kg. It has a 14-inch screen. Both data controls are very good. Its comprehensiveness and practicality can meet the needs of many scenes.

The MagicBook is equipped with a 14-inch IPS LCD screen. It is with excellent visual angle and resolution of 1080p. This is the mainstream. The look and feel of the screen is comfortable.

The surface of this screen is treated with fog surface, which is commonly known as anti-glare screen. Compared with mirror screen, glare problem can be greatly reduced. In addition, this laptop also provides an anti-blue light eye protection mode. Even if you watch the computer screen for a long time, your eyes will not feel tired. It is helpful to protect your eyesight.

On the control of the screen border, the width of the left and right borders is only about 5mm. The upper border is slightly wider, which is excellent. The front camera is placed in the middle of the top of the screen. It can ensure the practicability of the front camera.

There are some other places worthy of attention, such as the built-in computer butler. It can connect with HONOR mobile phone and then back up data. When the mobile phone is far away from the laptop, the laptop can lock the screen. It is to ensure data security.

Such a convenient laptop is practical and considerate in functions. It can always give people different surprises.

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