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The Best Geeky Feeling: Being a Geek

Over time, the term “geek” has never stopped evolving with science, technology and communication. As a result, it becomes difficult to define exactly what it means. Previously, it designated fans of new technologies, but today, this is no longer the case. He touches everything or almost. To awaken one’s “geekitude” is a difficult step, if not impossible, without understanding this fantastic world. One good name in this world is geekyranjit. You can know more about him now.

Being a geek is a passionate

A geek is above all someone who is interested in various fields: technology, computer science, science and imaginary cultures (role playing, comics, video games, board games). In addition, his areas of predilection expand more and more over time.

A geek is also a person whose knowledge is very sharp. Take the example of the computer world. You are geek when you are interested in Softwares, Hardwares, programming (PHP, SQL, JavaScript).

However, being interested in one or more domains is not enough to say that you are a “geek”. Otherwise, everyone will self-proclaim “geek”. You must also follow the news and news around your area and want to learn them, of your own free will. In a word, it’s a passion.

Becoming a geek is first and foremost because we are

Being a geek is a way of living and seeing things. It’s possible to become a geek, not because it’s the trend, or because you want it, but because you are. To put it simply, it must be emphasized that it is not “innate”, but it is a passion that is born in you.

To become a geek, one must first maintain a close relationship with new technologies. You have to be aware of everything, even anticipate the knowledge of the news before everyone else. You also have to forge a good general culture during research or through a relationship with your geeky friends.

To improve your geekness, you will also need to join the geek community. She has her own codes, her own points of view and her own tastes. You will have to be ready to escape from reality and get lost in the world of the imagination, until you are good enough on all things computer, high -tech, video games, role playing, science.

Geek one day, geek forever

To become a geek, it is advisable to differentiate between real life and virtual life. This is what sets a real geek to a “no life”. The latter is too dependent to forget his outside world, his social life, his family life or his professional life. A real geek likes to share these interests with others.

It should also be noted that once you have crossed the mark, you will remain geek forever. A good reason to stay current on news in your chosen field. Remember, we are not born geek, we become!

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