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Why FPGA – What is so Special about it

FPGA or Field Programmable Gate Array is nothing but a type of integrated circuit which consists of different types of hardware blocks, which comes with programmable interconnects, which facilitates the process of operation for different types of applications. These interconnects can be reprogrammed readily which allows FPGA to get itself accommodated to the changes to different types of designs and also support new applications throughout its lifetime.

The root of the FPGA can be traced back to some early devices like PROMs or Programmable Read Only Memories and PLDs or Programmable Logic Devices. It is possible to program these devices in the field of operation and at the factory as well. However, Fuse technology was used in these devices, as a result, once programmed, they could not be re-programmed. On the other hand, when it comes to FPGA, they are capable of storing the configuration information in a medium, which can be re-programmed, like Flash Memory,  SRAM or Static Ram. Some of the most famous FPGA manufacturers are Microsemi, Microchip Technology, Xilinx and of course Intel.

What makes FPGA a Special Mechanism?

Compared to its predecessors, FPGA comes with a number of different benefits, which makes it a very special mechanism. Here is brief overview on the special features of FPGA

  • With the help of FPGA, you can be independent in the sense that the functionality does not lie in the module, but in its configuration. It can be programmed in such a manner so that different adjustments can be made whenever required.
  • As opposed to the traditional computer chips, what makes FPGAs so special is the fact that they are fully programmable. Adaptations and updates can be done at customer end.
  • With the help of FPGA the development of prototypes can be accelerated significantly. This ensure that different time consuming processes and operations could be carried out quickly. Being time efficient is one of the major features of FPGA.
  • With the help of FPGAs, it is possible to develop different systems which can be tailored to carry out certain specific tasks. Hence they are more efficient and fast.
  • FPGA is one of the most efficient and cost effective solution, when it comes to accomplishing complex operations
  • When it comes to operating real time applications, FPGA is the best option available. The fact that it can be reprogrammed to fit into different types of applications and it is also fast; makes it one of the best processing options for real time applications.

Apart from these, there are various other kinds of benefits which FPGA has to offer. One important thing is FPGA system on module. It is nothing but flexible and powerful processors which comes with FPGA logic which can be configured and re-programmed.

There have some latest developments in the domain of FPGA. It is expected that in the days to come, even more advanced and sophisticated versions would be available; which would replace the current module of FPGA. Presently, the entire process of automation is dependent on FPGA technology.