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Why is it essential to have a unique Kik Username?

Kik messenger, better called Kik is a convenient messenger app to get connected to your friends and known ones and communicate with them through text messages, pictures, and more. This app is known for preserving the privacy of the user even for those who sign in without their mobile numbers. Though, their company can trace the location through the IP address of the user.

Usage of Usernames on Kik messenger

The implementation of Kik usernames is merely due to a better identification process. Unlike many other widely used messaging apps, Kik uses the username only to track the users. This enables the user to have an anonymous presence over there and also he doesn’t need to share any of his details. Though it has bad effects too as many take the advantage of coming up with a fake account.

Importance of having a unique username on Kik

As already discussed, the username on Kik is used to identify the user. So by signing in with a unique username, you can stay anonymous too with that particular identity. Also, once registered, you will be unable to change your username on Kik. Hence, it is essential that you chose a unique username that can be helpful in many ways.

1. Protecting personal information

With a unique and hard to guess username, you do not leak away much of your private information which is the greatest factor to consider. Unlike many other messaging apps where phone numbers are taken to consideration for usernames, in Kik you don’t face that problem. It is possible only when you find a tough identity.

2. Chat with selected people

With a hard to find the username, you won’t find the difficulty of talking to people, you are not willing to. Only those with proper knowledge of your identification will be able to reach and chat with you and that is a big perk of owning a hard username.

3. Using the username in other social sites

In case you are a social media addict, you may use your Kik username in other sites such as Instagram, twitter to increase your followers. Though, this can also help the unknown people to reach you out.

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