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What Does Browsing History Tell About an Employee?

The internet browsing history stored in the browsers can tell a whole lot of stories. As a user, you can see everything you have been surfing since the last time you cleaned the history. That could range from a day to years. 

Well, everything in the modern world goes through internet browsers. From shopping to traveling and from work to leisure, everything takes place on the internet. We find movies, household products, jobs, and even business clients over the internet. In short, internet browsers have everything we do every day. Indeed, we spend our lives on the internet.

Just like you, your employees have everything in their internet browsers. But why would you need to see the browsing history of your employees?

There could be several reasons:

  • Massive employee turnover ratio
  • Data breach
  • Release of classified information
  • Fiscal and material corruption
  • Harassment issues

Each of these reasons has their details, and very frankly, the employees’ browsing history have them.

For instance, an employee is looking to switch jobs. How would you know that what is your employee planning? Well, people look for jobs on the internet. There are plenty of job sites, even you might have appointed someone using a job site. But if you do not have access to the browser of your employee, what can you do then? On top of that, if your employee has cleaned the history or was using a private browser how will you extract the past information?

Similarly, there are many other things that you cannot know about your employees unless you see their browsing history live.

Ahead of that, your employees do not need to use the internet only on the office computer. They have smartphones and smartphones have internet browsers. Employees are intelligent enough to use their devices for the internet instead of office assets.

Stop Shooting in the Dark:

Almost every other employer has an IT department. Either they have one in-house or they have outsourced it. Well, the IT departments have set up various browsing inspection parameters to observe what the employees are browsing. But as said, it is good as long as the browsing history remains intact and the standard browser is used.

In the other case, the IT department will have no information on what is happening in the office. Even they have no clue what the employees are surfing or doing using the mobile browser. Certainly, they leave the employers to shoot in the dark.

Instead of shooting in the dark, get a professional solution, that can help you know each and everything. That solution is OgyMogy, a browser tracking software, and monitoring mobile app.

Browsing Employee History with OgyMogy:

OgyMogy is often termed as the spy software. However, it won’t be a spy if you are letting your employees know that you are monitoring them. Well, with OgyMogy, employers can track the live usage of employees’ internet surfing. They can be with them remotely and visit every site they use. Like if someone is looking for a job, the employer will know that at the same moment the employee is thinking of changing the job.

In the same way, OgyMogy uncovers various actions that need an immediate effect. Those may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyberbullying and harassing the colleagues in the office
  • Forming an illicit deal with a rival company for the exchange of classified information
  • Data breach for unauthorized third-party usage
  • Financial and material corruption

Indeed, OgyMogy brings employers out of the dark. It helps them sustain their business entity, the business image, and the safety at the workplace.

Build the Trust:

Trust is essential in every business deal. Whether you are hiring an employee or making a business transaction, it requires trust. Certainly, it is wise to let the candidates know that they will be monitored as long as they stay in your office. Also, ensure that it is for their safety.

Indeed, no one will have any issue when it comes to safety. Perhaps the guys who have something bad in their mind may surely consider this act to be damage to their privacy. Well, that way you will be able to filter out the black sheep ab-initio.

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