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What are Smart Floor Boxes?

Have you ever heard about an electric box or a smart floor box? If no, then this article is for you. The need for electricity is very vital and crucial for us in today's time. There is literally nothing we can do without electricity. We are totally dependent on electricity

Diecast vs. Extruded: Which Aluminium Enclosure Type is Right for Your Business?

Every business needs aluminium enclosures to provide protection to the architectural, structural or general fabrication applications. Aluminium, with its lightweight, corrosion-resistant, environmentally-friendly, high strength-to-weight ratio and durable properties, is one of the most frequently used enclosures. However, with two types of aluminium enclosures – diecast and extruded - readily available,

6 advantages of fiber optic cables over copper cables

Both fiber optics and copper cables have their own pros and cons. But, in this battle of comparison, fiber optic cables always win. Copper made cables and wires are cheap. Also, these cables are installed everywhere but the long-term benefits of these cables are a few. Fiber optic wires are

How to access limetorrents without using Proxy?

We all get a lot of content like videos, images, and movies online. But there are some contents which are not easily available. That’s why people go with the torrent sites to enjoy their services. Torrent sites provide the content which is not easily available on the Internet, these sites


Turn your passion into an academic achievement with this affordable Master’s program to become a certified data scientist.  This program allows you to delve deep into subjects such as hypothesis testing, Python, SAS, Data Science A-Z™, statistics, neutral networks and artificial intelligence.  About this program This virtual endeavor to create quality data

Look for the Font You Need

Please note that some fonts are not suitable for formatting your eBook in PDF, pub or mob, or are not read by certain reading devices (tablets, e-readers, etc.). So don't be too imaginative and stick to the traditional fonts recommended above. However, regardless of your choice of font, double check the

How much money can you make with an app in 2020?

Earlier, online working was the way to eke in an extra source of income. Nowadays the concept of remote working, digital schools and virtual offices have become the norm rather than the exception. However, these days the concept of online jobs is ruling the roost in wake of the global